Monday, February 3, 2014


superbowl sunday!
what a crappy game. but we had a nice time with our little family eating appetizers and doing this workout throughout the game:

that was a lot of fun, although i was really the only one that stuck with it. and even then, i wasn't reeeealllyyyyy watching the game, so i was at the mercy of dave to call out when these things happened. oh well, we tried!
here's to a fresh start of the week! february is starting off super crappy (family member super sick, florida trip looking iffy (sob) and lots and lots of snow!) but i'm going to stay positive and say lots of prayers this week!
sunday: prep day! i made up a batch of quinoa breakfast bars, quinoa, sweet potato lentil curry (new recipe, turned out GROSS), healthy tuna salad and just now realized i forgot to make up some tortillas. dang.
monday: lunch is healthy tuna salad on a wrap + lettuce + broccoli slaw + quinoa + mustard +an orange.
lunch workout: TurboFire HITT 25 + Abs10
supper is TBD, since the swpotlencur above didn't workout. i choked it down for supper last night, but that's all i can do. it's really not good.
tuesday: lunch will be the tuna salad again with the same fixing + an orange
lunch workout: workout 2 from fitnessista's winter shape up + barre burner
supper is healthy turkey taco salad + quinoa
wednesday: leftover turkey taco salad + quino +orange
lunch workout: TurboFire Fire30 + Abs10
thursday - monday: florida! hopefully! sunshine! sunshine! sunshine! i am bringing a few workout dvds, but i will probably just walk or run for my exercise while i'm there. i can't wait for warmth and sunshine!!!!!!!!!!
bring it on!!

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