Thursday, May 30, 2013


this was my favorite ever.
it was so stress-free this year! and the dances and costumes were precious. i will miss it next year if she chooses not to dance. she defintely isn't doing tumble team. she wants to do hiphop (HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. ahem. sorry), but isn't old enough to do it at stevens.
so maybe a change in dance studios? who knows.
the following pictures crack me up. hallie wanted to pose everyone JUST SO. this is why everyone is
holding flowers JUST SO.
and then at some point, someone said how good the flowers smelled, so then i got this gem:
and then she wanted to pose with the dog:
and finally i got in the picture!
the end.



Wednesday, May 29, 2013


i'm sorry, didn't i just get pregnant with her? wasn't she JUST born?  
and now she is in SECOND GRADE (as of 9:46 this morning).
it's just crazy.
here she is on the last day of first grade. i love her so much.
and man, you can really see that gap in her teeth - she just lost her EIGHTH tooth. i'm going broke!

Friday, May 17, 2013


we're pretty full around here. i've been saying, let's get through the end of april and things will slow down. hahahahahahaha. no. may is just as busy, if not busier.

now, i'm saying, let's get through the end of recitals (next weekend, woo-hoo!) and then we are good.

but i finally realized, there will always be something! so i'm doing my darnest to slow down and enjoy these last few weeks before the recital. we are counting down school days, practice days and this is my last friday before we get them off for the summer! yippee!

hallie is in a parade tomorrow for her tumble team, and i'm volunteering at the same community event. my dad will watch henry and then we have saturday evening to do whatever we want.

sunday we can be back to church and laze around in the afternoon. i am really looking forward to this weekend.

***side note*** i just got back from the dentist and have to wear a mouth guard at night. super sexy, i know. apparently i'm grinding my teeth something awful and my gums are starting to show it. and i have to floss better. and they tried to get me to buy a sonic care toothbrust for a million dollars.


anyway, there's that.

i...forgot what i was going to say.

today is such a beautiful day. tonight = big plans. a haircut for henry (fun!), a bath for zoey AND some toenail clippings. NOT FUN.

oh! my garden is in!!! i'm so happy. i probably won't have tomatoes until august, but still! it's in! now, grow baby, grow!!!

Monday, May 13, 2013


let's chat for a second about henry's birthday.

he will be two, which is fabulous. he's a pretty awesome kid, and i have no doubt that age two will be just as good as age one....hopefully with less food throwing and more food eating.

i'm thinking we aren't going to have a big party for mr. henry. it's not his style. it wasn't hallie's either, but it took me five parties to figure that out.

maybe a cookout? cookies, not cake, because we all know how much the boy loves cookies. and i want everyone to get him a book or a ball. or a tractor. his favorite things.



i mean, check him out. he's just enjoying the evening, checking out an airplace. rockin' back on his heels like, no big thang. this kid doesn't want a big, chaotic party. he wants grandma lucille, some wafer cookies and a ball. done.

Thursday, May 9, 2013


and almost 100% back to normal.
work is much slower. i mean, busy with normal projects, but less full of constant interruptions. one thing for interruptions - they make the day zoom by!
but then i am an exhausted, stressed-to-the-max wife/mom when i'm at home, and that's no fun.
and now my class is over! i took my final last night, and can i please brag on myself? well, imma gonna - i aced that motha. for realz. we're talking 105% in the class. i even did extra credit on top of my 100% because i'm an overacheiver like that...and who knew if i would need it?! i'm not going to take that risk!
and i loved the class so much. it was so interesting. i'm looking forward to more classes. yay.
so my days are slowing down a smidge, but  my nights are speeding up. hallie is involved with things 4 nights a week. crazy! dance, tumble team, horses and swim lessons. what was i thinking??? i forget that these are MY choices. i should have waited on swim lessons until after recital, and i never, ever should have put her on the tumbling team. but those are learning experiences...for both of us.
but the end of my is approaching and then all will be left are horses. and then VACATION, yee-haw!
we are (me, barb and the kiddos) taking a much-needed trip to the lake this weekend. i get to see my mom for mother's day (!!!), which makes that TWO WEEKENDS IN A ROW! i love it.
what else, what else. i am very grateful for my church family. i had a rental book return crisis and two immediately stepped up and offered to help. i am so thankful to have such support. just the KNOWING that people have my back keeps me calm(ish) and loved. so thank you, chuck and lori. it means so much.
and now, random pictures!
so blurry, but oh this kid is so precious when he sleeps. and so funny.
apparently i only have one child. where is hallie?
eek! there she is!

Monday, May 6, 2013


i peeled carrots this weekend. and took a sunday nap and watched my mom do my laundry (thanks, mom!) and went on a date with my husband.

it was much needed and i am so grateful for that we had this weekend of nothing. we were supposed to go to six flags with the youth group, but cancelled because rainy and 50 degrees does not equal a successful six flags trip. it's supposed to be 100 degrees and sunny, so that your face can melt off.

anway. my mom still came up as originally planned, so we got a few small projects done around the house and then sat around watching tv and doing nothing. it was glorious.

i finished my paper in the 11th hour before it was due, but the sense of relief i felt when i pushed SEND to email to my instructor was immense. i'm so glad that is off of my to-do list. i have a final this wednesday and then the course is finished. yippee! i actually love the class and my teacher, but i will be glad for a small break.

i felt normal yesterday for the first time in weeks. feels so good.

here are the few pictures i took. dave and henry on the bed. henry cracks me up with his facial expressions.

and a video: