Friday, January 31, 2014


5:30am workout class.
(i don't get very good mpg)
(also, let it be known that i drove my car all the way to "0" miles for my cruising range today. for quite a few miles. didn't run out of gas.)
early morning workout class means i roll out of bed at 5am, put on my workout clothes, contacts in, brush my teeth and out i go. i get home by 6:15am with plenty of time to lay in bed for 10 whole minutes before i have to get up and shower for work.
it's hard, but i love it. i haven't been doing it long...just the last three weeks. and the only reason i started was because my friend jenna does the class every week. so i have a buddy, and that's fun.
except my buddy bailed on me this morning. but i sucked i up and went anyway and really loved it. the teacher is really fun and obviously enjoys torturing us. which is fun. obviously. torture.
but i love going to early, early class on fridays, because then i can grocery shop on my lunch hour.
HAPPY LAST DAY OF JANUARY!  i hate you january! really, really hate you!
the end.
PS - so far dave is the only one who hates my new focus of the blog. and alison and my mom both like it :) so onward for now!

Thursday, January 30, 2014


i am very lucky. i have a great setup in the basement of my work. nobody ever goes down there except for storage purposes, so i have the whole thing to myself.

i used to use my laptop, but it was such a pain, because if we needed it at home i would have to drag it back and forth.

last weekend, dave helped me haul an old tv and dvd player from our basement at home to my basement at work. i use a lovely old media cart to put everything on to keep it all organized! and now i can keep my laptop at home. yippee!

it's pretty awesome. i mean, it doesn't look very awesome, but it serves my purpose! i don't think i would workout nearly as much if i couldn't do it at lunch.


i'm going to pretend it's sunday and i'm putting my weekly plan out there.
we'll see what works and what doesn't.

sunday: prep day! i made up a batch of quinoa, chopped celery, made quinoa breakfast bars and got out the chicken and sausage from the freezer. i also made homemade whole-wheat tortillas. first time!

 we had new friends over for supper (exciting!) so i cooked up a turkey tenderloin in the crockpot, turkey chili in another crockpot, roasted red new potatoes, broccoli and made some dinner rolls. they are a healthy-eating family too, so they loved it. the mom brought some chocolate chip cookies made with coconut oil (yum!) that were delicious!

no workout! rest day!

monday: lunch was leftover turkey tenderloin, roasted sweet potatoes and onion (from crockpot), lettuce and plain quinoa in a home-made tortilla. so good. and an orange.

lunchworkout: TurboFire HIT 25 + Abs10

supper was leftovers for everyone - i had some turkey chili over quinoa with broccoli slaw mixed in.

tuesday: lunch was quinoa turkey meatballs, quinoa, lettuce and salsa in a home-made wrap. no recipe for the quinoa meatballs because they aren't good, but i made a million of them and am slowly eating them (sad). and some canteloupe.

lunch workout: HITT the Beach from DVD

supper was the same as lunch (minus the wrap) + a quinoa bar. i had class and took everything with me.

the family finished up the leftovers. i really regret that i had so much chili leftover. chili + dave = gross. but it's gone now.

wednesday: lunch was the same as tuesday + an orange. boring, but gotta get through those meatballs!

lunch workout: workout # 1 from the Fitnessista's Winter Shape Up. So hard, but so awesome!

supper was spaghetti squash with sausage for the whole family + roasted broccoli. yum. they all love it. except henry, but he doesn't count. he ate a pancake and applesauce...and crackers.

today: lunch is leftover spaghetti squash with sausage in a wrap + lettuce + orange.

lunch workout: TurboFire HITT 20 + Abs10

supper is a work dinner meeting.

tomorrow: lunch will be ginger sesame chicken + quinoa + broccoli slaw in a wrap + orange

workout: 5:30am class at fitness world with jenna!

supper: tbd

saturday: lunch will be same as friday.

workout: 9am class at fitness world with jenna!

supper: tbd - more time on saturday means i can come up with something yum! thinking quinoa stir "fry"

the end.


 dave played in an old man basketball tournament (can you spot him?).
 dave and luke (and hallie and eve) lead worship at church a few sundays ago.
 hallie and eli got to spend the day together. and henry.
 these three.
 henry got super sick.
 we took hallie to see franchesca batistelli (spelling, who cares?) and loved it.
 had a beautiful, magical christmas.
 these two.
 oooohhhhh....i am such a midget. i love these girls so much. and get to see them in a few weeks at SARAH'S WEDDING!!! 
 i took a snowy hike. i love where i live.
 these four.
the end.


i'm just not so sure about the ole blog anymore. i have lost my blogging voice.
i wanna get it back, because i think of how fun it will be to look back and read this sometime. laugh at myself, my family, etc. i don't want it to die.
but i have lost some serious interest. try to get myself back on blogging track, i'm going to shift directions a bit. after the gluttony of thanksgiving and christmas, i am back on track with my health and fitness. it's a fun time of my life where i am in good shape, eating healthy food and feeling really good. (except today, where i am bummed out about this stupid weather).
so, while i figure out what i want this blog to be, i'm going to be posting my healthy recipes, fitness goals and daily activity.
i will still include pictures of my crazy family, but i'm going to see if changing things up will get me back on track. sorry to my mom/dad/barb who really just want to see my family :)
get excited!