Friday, January 31, 2014


5:30am workout class.
(i don't get very good mpg)
(also, let it be known that i drove my car all the way to "0" miles for my cruising range today. for quite a few miles. didn't run out of gas.)
early morning workout class means i roll out of bed at 5am, put on my workout clothes, contacts in, brush my teeth and out i go. i get home by 6:15am with plenty of time to lay in bed for 10 whole minutes before i have to get up and shower for work.
it's hard, but i love it. i haven't been doing it long...just the last three weeks. and the only reason i started was because my friend jenna does the class every week. so i have a buddy, and that's fun.
except my buddy bailed on me this morning. but i sucked i up and went anyway and really loved it. the teacher is really fun and obviously enjoys torturing us. which is fun. obviously. torture.
but i love going to early, early class on fridays, because then i can grocery shop on my lunch hour.
HAPPY LAST DAY OF JANUARY!  i hate you january! really, really hate you!
the end.
PS - so far dave is the only one who hates my new focus of the blog. and alison and my mom both like it :) so onward for now!

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