Wednesday, February 26, 2014


more (blurry) iphone pics for your viewing pleasure, because i love you :)

Tuesday, February 25, 2014


we took lots and lots of pictures. most of these are still from the wedding, but some are from the exploring erin and i did the next day. we had a few hours between dropping alison off at the airport and when our flight left at 6pm (which we almost missed. stress). so we walked the freedom trail and enjoyed boston!
what a great city. it made me remember bringing henry almost exactly two years prior to visit sarah! time has flown.


Monday, February 24, 2014


oh what a wonderful weekend. what a quick, quick, wonderful weekend.
watching sarah marry jared was amazing. the wedding was intimate, beautiful and fun, fun, fun. we dance for hours. and hours. and ate so much pie.
i have lots of pictures, but they are all blurry iphone pictures, so sorry about it.
also, there aren't many good ones of me and sarah because apparently i am unable to NOT cry hysterically when i see her. period. i mean, i look at her and ugly cry. so i spent precious moments trying to gain composure when i should have been hugging on her. it's a problem.
i also loved traveling and partying with alison and erin. it was so much fun! we all let loose and enjoyed the celebration. with dancing. and pie. so much pie. and dancing.
i love this girl.

Friday, February 21, 2014


i leave today for st.louis before flying out tomorrow to watch my best friend get married.
i really don't have the words for sarah, other than...nope, i got nothing.
we met our freshman year when we both pledged the same sorority (i know). we weren't really "fast friends" or anything, until i offered to drive her to georgia to visit her boyfriend. we drove twelve hours there (they broke up) and then twelve back and somewhere in chattanooga, became best friends.
we have shared an apartment, a dog and a house. we have seen each other at our rock bottom and then were together when we truly found jesus.
when i'm with her, i cry, no matter what. usually from laughing so hard, but sometimes just because i don't realize how much i miss her until i'm with her.
we don't see each other much and we rarely talk on the phone. we email lots now, but even that comes and goes. but, BUT, she will always be my sarah!
and now she's getting married and going to have a beautiful baby girl. she will be a wonderful wife and an amazing mother.
good gravy, it's going to be an emotional weekend!


Thursday, February 20, 2014


dave using my resistance bands (incorrectly) and ends up snapping himself (HARD) on the butt. SO FUNNY, i could have cried. and he did it twice.
side note: watching dave exercise is possibly one of my favorite things in life. first, he's doing it with me, which is super fun. second, he is all limbs, which makes it hysterical to watch. third, he poops out early every, single time, and then i feel superior. so there's that.
last saturday, we took the four-wheeler and mule over to lucille's house for some FRIGID riding. hallie thought the mule was too slow, but loved being on the four-wheeler. my lips felt like leather for days.
my beautiful lunch:
my beautiful son:
and lastly, my class at supper tuesday n ight, pre-presentation, post-margarita.
the end.

Wednesday, February 19, 2014



it was a terrible day. it started bad, it got worse, i went for a do-over, not successful. i had anxiety all day long and it just...sucked.

today was a better day. much, much better. i was home with sick henry, who was much, much better. i was productive around the house, pro-active on some class work and just happy, happy, happy.

and dave replaced my laptop screen and battery, so yay!


most of my anxiety lately is because of my class. this is the only course I've taking so far that i've wanted to drop. it's hard, i don't understand it, and i feel/sound stupid in the class. i'm pushing through, hopefully it will improve.

i just hate not understanding! it's 100% frustrating for me. i had a presentation last night that just sucked. i'm glad it's over, but i wish i had done better. i have a paper due Monday and just...stress city over here.

prayers would be great, please and thank you.


right now we're popping popcorn and my little family is going to watch some Olympics. life is good.


and by popular demand, my blog is going back to the regular family format. oh, fine, whatever.

Friday, February 14, 2014


happy love day!
love you, mom! dad!
whomever else reads this blog!
alison! sarah! (AHHHH!!! only eight days!!!!!!!!!!!!!).
i woke up and did my earrlllllyyyyy class at 5:30am and was grateful for it - because then i could have a giant heart-shaped cookie with less guilt :)
so delicious.
it's snowing today, instructors are cancelling classes, and we have eight boxes of those cookies. i'm not going to tell myself not to have another later, because i probably will and i don't want to feel bad when i do.
we have a fun, easy weekend planned. haircuts tonight - oh boy! pray for me. workout class tomorrow, a few birthday parties sunday, and just some time to clean the house, prep some food and relax.
i plan to prep:
*sweet potato burgers (new recipe)
*pulled pork (crockpot)
*spicy sausage pasta (so good)
*beer & garlic marinated chicken (new recipe)
*swedish meatballs (new recipe)
*salsa chicken (crockpot)
*staples - homemade ww tortillas + quinoa + chopped veggies
i plan to clean:
i'm hoping to feel motivated and productive - i'm so blah this time of year. the snow is pretty, but it's got me down. i need some sun and warmth. anybody want to go to florida? but the blahs have me feeling unmotivated and that needs to change!!!!!
have a wonderful weekend!

Wednesday, February 12, 2014


i was a good girl in florida. a good girl with some splurges.
THURSDAY: i stocked up for the plane ride. i had a sliced apple with pb before going into the airport.
*funny story - i must have accidentally thrown my knife into my purse after cutting up the apple. and then went through security. and didn't get stopped. wow.
anyway, i had my apple and pb and then brought lunch to eat on my flight - turkey tenderloin, sweet potatoes, quinoa + mustard. the lady next to me was horrified, but it was delicious and worth it. i had a quinoa breakfast bar for my p.m. snack and then ate cold fish tacos with dave back at the tiki hut (gross).
FRIDAY: dave brought my blender and we went to walmart to get my stuff for my green monster smoothies. i love those things. so i had half for breakfast before i worked out and then the other half afterwards. i slept in, so i didn't have my a.m. snack and went straight on to lunch. which was a really good chef salad. p.m snack was more quinoa bars and then we had glorious pizza for supper. my stomach hated me, but it was so delicious.
SATURDAY: green monster + apple and pb + subway + quinoa bar + grilled chicken salad for supper. yum.
SUNDAY: green monster + apple and pb + subway + quinoa bar + naked drink + granola bar for supper. not very filling, so an apple and pb later.
MONDAY: half a naked drink mixed with almond milk for breakfast. my last quinoa bar was my a.m. snack on the plane. i was starving. and then urban taco + orange in the airport for lunch *so good * and then...i was done! i had a trader joe's granola bar for my p.m. snack and jetted the heck home.
and i'm writing this thinking - who cares what i'm eating? but i care and it's my blog.
also, here's hallie. yesterday was observation day at dance. i didn't make it in time for the hiphop, but i got to see her do some gym work before i had to jet to class in the ugliest building in the world.


Tuesday, February 11, 2014


i'm back!
it was fabulous. i mean, i left this:
which was so beautiful, but so, so cold.
and went to this:
and i had such a fantastic time. the people at this event are young and fun and so welcoming. it's like we've all been friends forever. it helps that there's next to NOTHING to do in this town but hang out together.
i flew in thursday night. dave picked me up in west palm beach and we met up with everyone at the tiki bar for some drinks.
friday i took a five-mile walk around lake okechobee (spelling = wrong) in the morning with allie and we took a terrible picture. but the scenery was beautiful and we chatted the entire time. i just love that girl!
i had an awesome day just being outside, wearing shorts (!) and hanging out with my husband. it is so nice to have that one-one-one time without the kiddos. i think that spending that time together, just the two of us, is so important!
 (looking for gators!)
(dave working hard in the sun)
friday night we ordered in pizza, watched the opening ceremony and played mad gab and head's up for hours. we were all literally screaming with laughter. my abs were SORE the next morning from laughing so hard. seriously, this was my favorite night.
i love a good game night. 
saturday was more of the same - i worked out in my hotel room to TurboFire DVDs and then met up with dave. i got a ton of studying done and just enjoyed the weather! 80 degrees and sunny. sitting in the shade was a DREAM. a light breeze, sun when i want it, etc. just perfect. we met up at the tiki bar for our last "fun" night. drinks and a few (awesome bands) and some pullups. i rocked the pullups thankyouverymuch. so fun.
(scott, scott, allie, daniel) 
(dave and his boyfriend/bff, josh peck)
sunday was...more of the same! worked out in the room and hung out with dave! joshn thompson performed at the event, so that was fun. we tore everything down sunday night and got everything packed up for an early morning.
i flew back to the ice and snow monday, and it was negative ten degrees when i woke up this morning.
take me back to florida!!!!!!!!!!!!!