Tuesday, February 4, 2014


if i make it to the airport on thursday, i am planning on packing my own snacks/lunch for the flight. saves money and keeps me healthy, hopefully.
apparently you can bring food through security, just not liquids over 3 floz. so...at this point, i am planning to bring:
a.m. snack (pre-plane ride): apple + pb (the usual)
lunch: turkey tenderloin wrap + lettuce + quinoa + pre-packaged packet of mustard + sweet potatoes + orange. all pre-packed in a tupperware.
p.m. snack (on the plane): quinoa breakfast bars - i am obsessed with these. so delicious, easy and filling. and good for you! (i sub protein powder for the flour, use honey and raisins instead of craisins). so, so good.
supper with dave in west palm beach - woo hoo!
in other news, henry looks more like dave every, single day.
it's really ridiculous.

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