Friday, February 21, 2014


i leave today for st.louis before flying out tomorrow to watch my best friend get married.
i really don't have the words for sarah, other than...nope, i got nothing.
we met our freshman year when we both pledged the same sorority (i know). we weren't really "fast friends" or anything, until i offered to drive her to georgia to visit her boyfriend. we drove twelve hours there (they broke up) and then twelve back and somewhere in chattanooga, became best friends.
we have shared an apartment, a dog and a house. we have seen each other at our rock bottom and then were together when we truly found jesus.
when i'm with her, i cry, no matter what. usually from laughing so hard, but sometimes just because i don't realize how much i miss her until i'm with her.
we don't see each other much and we rarely talk on the phone. we email lots now, but even that comes and goes. but, BUT, she will always be my sarah!
and now she's getting married and going to have a beautiful baby girl. she will be a wonderful wife and an amazing mother.
good gravy, it's going to be an emotional weekend!


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