Friday, February 14, 2014


happy love day!
love you, mom! dad!
whomever else reads this blog!
alison! sarah! (AHHHH!!! only eight days!!!!!!!!!!!!!).
i woke up and did my earrlllllyyyyy class at 5:30am and was grateful for it - because then i could have a giant heart-shaped cookie with less guilt :)
so delicious.
it's snowing today, instructors are cancelling classes, and we have eight boxes of those cookies. i'm not going to tell myself not to have another later, because i probably will and i don't want to feel bad when i do.
we have a fun, easy weekend planned. haircuts tonight - oh boy! pray for me. workout class tomorrow, a few birthday parties sunday, and just some time to clean the house, prep some food and relax.
i plan to prep:
*sweet potato burgers (new recipe)
*pulled pork (crockpot)
*spicy sausage pasta (so good)
*beer & garlic marinated chicken (new recipe)
*swedish meatballs (new recipe)
*salsa chicken (crockpot)
*staples - homemade ww tortillas + quinoa + chopped veggies
i plan to clean:
i'm hoping to feel motivated and productive - i'm so blah this time of year. the snow is pretty, but it's got me down. i need some sun and warmth. anybody want to go to florida? but the blahs have me feeling unmotivated and that needs to change!!!!!
have a wonderful weekend!

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