Friday, December 20, 2013


this whole phil robertson, duck dynasty thing is getting on my nerves.
the show is stupid anyway. i hate reality tv, even one with a maybe (?) good message. i dunno.
the point is that free speech means that you can say what you want and you won't go to JAIL. you won't be ARRESTED.
it doesn't mean that your employer can't suspend you if your comments or actions are not in line with their company policy. period.
people, get over it.
he is entitled to his opinion and a+e are entitled to suspend him if they want to. 
get off facebook about it.  
and let's just get rid of ALL REALITY TV.

Thursday, December 19, 2013


we are battling.
henry is back at the babysitter's today, and i have had a full day of work.
hallie is at school.
dave has a fever/chills, but is at work.
we are making it!
i am ridiculously excited for the mason sound christmas party. we have inflatable penises. don't tell my grandma (or lucille).
inappropriate, yes.
hilarious, absolutely.
we are almost to friday and i won't lie...this week just about did me in. i hate this week, but i already love tomorrow.
and it's almost christmas! squeeeeal!
the end. that's all i got.

Tuesday, December 17, 2013


it's a happy tuesday!

my bff got engaged!

only a few more days until break!

i aced my final last night!

but henry is still sick. poor buddy. just can't get rid of the fever. dave is home with him and that's the only place i wish i was right now.


Monday, December 16, 2013


well, well. we got over the barfs and now we've moved onto strep.
poor baby!
he had a burning hot fever last night, which meant a trip to the doctor this morning. i'm not one to take them in every time there's a fever, but this sickness crap has been going on far too long.
and it was strep and i feel terrible for him. poor buddy.
i took hallie to see the nutcracker ballet yesterday. we had wonderful seats and had a beautiful time. she loved it once she figured out there was no talking. pretty funny.
we had some beautiful snow on friday night/saturday morning. hallie and dave bummed around in town together and i took my sick little boy (hey, i didn't know!) out in the snow to get worse.
mother of the year!
the end.

Wednesday, December 11, 2013


henry is sick. again! 

i was 100% ready to go to work: dressed, hair done, smoothie ready, everything. henry had some yucky stuff out of the back end (if you know what i mean), so when he cried, i picked him up to give him some lovins. and then he barfed on me. 

and it's one of those moments where you know you are meant to be a mom. 

the moments when you can let your child barf on YOU, because he wants to be as close as possible, and leaning toward the sink is just too far away from you. i love it. 

i mean, i didn't love cleaning puke out of my hair, but that's okay. 

i just put my jammies back on and we have been spending a quiet day hanging out. and doing laundry. 

i think it's time for an eyebrow wax.

Tuesday, December 10, 2013


i was pretty stressed out yesterday.
i mean, i do it to myself. i could work little-by-little on my class projects, but then i couldn't have that major feeling of panic that i'm not going to get something done. and that's such a great feeling.
i had a big project and presentation due last night for my class. the project i can's the presentation that stresses me out. i hate, hate, HATE presenting. stresses. me. out.
i'm pretty sure god knew i was flipping out, because our teacher walked in (late) and said, "i'm sick - make your presentations five minutes long and we are getting out early."
i rocked my presentation and now i can chill until my final on monday. and then i'm done for a few weeks until the next class. sigh.
what else, what else.
i'm taking these rascals to see one direction. they don't know it yet and i can't wait to hear the shrieking when they find out.
the end.

Monday, December 9, 2013


another fabulous weekend. we've had lots of those lately.
my dad came to visit this weekend. i loved it because then we could celebrate his birthday with him.
but really, poor dad.
no cake (his choice!) and i just lit a regular (cinnamon) candle so that we could sing happy birthday and give him his card. we are so lame.
and then we already had plans on saturday night, so he got to spend his birthday night taking care of my kiddos. good times. i'm sure he won't come back at this time next year :)
we had a double date with the crawfords on saturday night and had a usual. there was an abudance of oversharing, lots of singing at the top of our lungs and dancing. i mean, really. good friends there.
church sunday and our family lit the advent candle. we each had a part to read - hallie rocked it. nice loud, clear voice and just nailed it. dave had his best speaking voice on and henry just...wandered around on the alter. typical.
this is an unfortunate picture of me, but oh well. AND WE MATCHED. i literally took the time to match our outfit that morning. we all managed to wear red and black. we rock.
prayers for me today, please! i have a big project due tonight for class that i'm worrying about. i need to wrap it up.

Friday, December 6, 2013


me - "oh hallie! you look so cute for your christmas program! let me take your picture! "
dave to hallie - "let's not smile."
 my family is weird.
and here's henry tell me that he's ready to go.
people, this is all i've got.

Wednesday, December 4, 2013


like, october.



really, i'm not.
i don't miss the blog, but i know i will regret not documenting our little life. we are in such a happy place right now. dave is home a lot, the kids are great and life is really, really good. we have hiccups, but they are tiny, tiny hiccups.
we had such a nice thanksgiving with family. the older i get, the more i appreciate what a great family i have, and what a great family i married into. lucky, lucky.
i am looking forward to christmas so much this year. it's so fun to shop for people and i loooooove getting presents. i start off saying there's nothing i really want, but i don't mean it. because then i find a million little things that i would love to have.
i wanted to document hallie's final stint as a flower girl. she was in allie & todd's wedding a few weekends ago and nailed it. she is a professional now...after four weddings!

the girls in the wedding all wore cowboy boots, and her little flower girl gift was a build-a-bear with cowboy boots. very cute.
the next few pictures are the only ones i took of thanksgiving.
my fabulous turkey veggie tray (a la pinterest):
tv buddies:
 sound asleep. fell asleep while dave rubbed her hair. so precious.
so now we are gearing up for the holidays and things are getting crazy. we have hallie's christmas program tonight, a quick trip to kentucky on friday (just me and dave), double date with the besties and our family is lighting the advent candle at church on sunday.