Wednesday, December 4, 2013


really, i'm not.
i don't miss the blog, but i know i will regret not documenting our little life. we are in such a happy place right now. dave is home a lot, the kids are great and life is really, really good. we have hiccups, but they are tiny, tiny hiccups.
we had such a nice thanksgiving with family. the older i get, the more i appreciate what a great family i have, and what a great family i married into. lucky, lucky.
i am looking forward to christmas so much this year. it's so fun to shop for people and i loooooove getting presents. i start off saying there's nothing i really want, but i don't mean it. because then i find a million little things that i would love to have.
i wanted to document hallie's final stint as a flower girl. she was in allie & todd's wedding a few weekends ago and nailed it. she is a professional now...after four weddings!

the girls in the wedding all wore cowboy boots, and her little flower girl gift was a build-a-bear with cowboy boots. very cute.
the next few pictures are the only ones i took of thanksgiving.
my fabulous turkey veggie tray (a la pinterest):
tv buddies:
 sound asleep. fell asleep while dave rubbed her hair. so precious.
so now we are gearing up for the holidays and things are getting crazy. we have hallie's christmas program tonight, a quick trip to kentucky on friday (just me and dave), double date with the besties and our family is lighting the advent candle at church on sunday.

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