Friday, March 21, 2014


henry thinks it's HILARIOUS when hallie burps - fake or otherwise. and he cracks himself up when he does it too. and now he knows how to fake burp - both my kids do - thank you dave - and they do it all the time.
and he just laughs so hard and it's so cute and it's hard to crack down on manners just yet.
and keep in mind this is probably a god 10-15 minutes after the crazy, maniacal laughter began. it was so much better/worse/funnier before.


basically, we had spring break for work (reason #345 i will never work anywhere else!), and i used that time to do whatever the heck i wanted to. which was not blogging. and then this week back has been crazy. but i'm back!
it was a very indulgent spring break week. the kids were at school/irma's, and i used the time to visit my mom in the ozarks, clean, clean and CLEAN, celebrate my birthday (!), get a cavity filled and visit dave in bloomington at the 2014 hearts at home conference. i also got to go to some wonderful fitness classes and workout as much as i wanted to!
it was glorious. such a refreshing week.
my birthday pie!
the end.

Monday, March 3, 2014


finally, a normal weekend. whooosh!
it was a pretty typical weekend. hallie had a lock-in at a local church, so henry and i had some good quality time together. he ate it up.
we had lunch with some new-ish friends (so much fun) on saturday, and then i spent hours after church prepping food while these goobers played on sunday.
(these girls, i tell ya what.)
and then i remembered that dave wouldn't be home this week to eat half of it. whoops.
i made:
turkey meatloaf
swedish meatballs (new recipe!)
quinoa breakfast bars
turkey tenderloin
quinoa (to add to stuff)
homemade ww tortillas
taquitos (for the freezer)
roasted potatoes
so, who wants to come over for supper this week?