Thursday, June 13, 2013


wellllllll, henry is getting a little frustrated by our lack of knowing exactly what he wants. he relies a lot on pulling our hands, my apron, pant legs, etc with limited vocabulary.
i mean, he knows words. he THINKS he knows lots and lots of words.
but many times he ends up head to the ground sobbing because OH MY GOSH, mommy doesn't KNOW WHAT I WANT RIGHT THIS SECONNNNNNND.
it is both hysterical and DRIVING ME CRAZY. along with the fork throwing.

but here is now he normally is. like, 60% of the time:


Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Tuesday, June 11, 2013


a few fridays ago, we took our youth group to six flags for the grand finale trip.
we had already cancelled once before, so even though it looked like rain i was all, LET'S DO IT. my phone even said 0% chance of rain. (my phone is a liar. or an optimist.)
so here we are on the mason sound bus. all happy. making good time. all was well (except the crappy pictures).
and then this happened.
but we got through it! called some taxis, headed to six flags - a mere 10 miles from the flags. lame.
so we get there and it poured, so that was stinky.
but then it let up and that was awesome! the park cleared out and we bonced from ride to ride without waiting in any lines.
i'm pretty sure someone then made the misteke of saying, "this has turned out to be a perfect day!"(probably me).
and then this happened on our way home:
oh, just a tornado, subsequent stay in a mcdonald's cooler with 13 other people, and dave at the cash register after.
just a typical youth group trip.
we were fine. that's all that's important.
we had amazing people praying for us and were able to post up to the second updates on facebook :/ thank goodness for iphones, right?
the end.