Tuesday, December 10, 2013


i was pretty stressed out yesterday.
i mean, i do it to myself. i could work little-by-little on my class projects, but then i couldn't have that major feeling of panic that i'm not going to get something done. and that's such a great feeling.
i had a big project and presentation due last night for my class. the project i can handle...it's the presentation that stresses me out. i hate, hate, HATE presenting. stresses. me. out.
i'm pretty sure god knew i was flipping out, because our teacher walked in (late) and said, "i'm sick - make your presentations five minutes long and we are getting out early."
i rocked my presentation and now i can chill until my final on monday. and then i'm done for a few weeks until the next class. sigh.
what else, what else.
i'm taking these rascals to see one direction. they don't know it yet and i can't wait to hear the shrieking when they find out.
the end.

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