Wednesday, December 11, 2013


henry is sick. again! 

i was 100% ready to go to work: dressed, hair done, smoothie ready, everything. henry had some yucky stuff out of the back end (if you know what i mean), so when he cried, i picked him up to give him some lovins. and then he barfed on me. 

and it's one of those moments where you know you are meant to be a mom. 

the moments when you can let your child barf on YOU, because he wants to be as close as possible, and leaning toward the sink is just too far away from you. i love it. 

i mean, i didn't love cleaning puke out of my hair, but that's okay. 

i just put my jammies back on and we have been spending a quiet day hanging out. and doing laundry. 

i think it's time for an eyebrow wax.

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