Monday, December 9, 2013


another fabulous weekend. we've had lots of those lately.
my dad came to visit this weekend. i loved it because then we could celebrate his birthday with him.
but really, poor dad.
no cake (his choice!) and i just lit a regular (cinnamon) candle so that we could sing happy birthday and give him his card. we are so lame.
and then we already had plans on saturday night, so he got to spend his birthday night taking care of my kiddos. good times. i'm sure he won't come back at this time next year :)
we had a double date with the crawfords on saturday night and had a usual. there was an abudance of oversharing, lots of singing at the top of our lungs and dancing. i mean, really. good friends there.
church sunday and our family lit the advent candle. we each had a part to read - hallie rocked it. nice loud, clear voice and just nailed it. dave had his best speaking voice on and henry just...wandered around on the alter. typical.
this is an unfortunate picture of me, but oh well. AND WE MATCHED. i literally took the time to match our outfit that morning. we all managed to wear red and black. we rock.
prayers for me today, please! i have a big project due tonight for class that i'm worrying about. i need to wrap it up.

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