Wednesday, February 12, 2014


i was a good girl in florida. a good girl with some splurges.
THURSDAY: i stocked up for the plane ride. i had a sliced apple with pb before going into the airport.
*funny story - i must have accidentally thrown my knife into my purse after cutting up the apple. and then went through security. and didn't get stopped. wow.
anyway, i had my apple and pb and then brought lunch to eat on my flight - turkey tenderloin, sweet potatoes, quinoa + mustard. the lady next to me was horrified, but it was delicious and worth it. i had a quinoa breakfast bar for my p.m. snack and then ate cold fish tacos with dave back at the tiki hut (gross).
FRIDAY: dave brought my blender and we went to walmart to get my stuff for my green monster smoothies. i love those things. so i had half for breakfast before i worked out and then the other half afterwards. i slept in, so i didn't have my a.m. snack and went straight on to lunch. which was a really good chef salad. p.m snack was more quinoa bars and then we had glorious pizza for supper. my stomach hated me, but it was so delicious.
SATURDAY: green monster + apple and pb + subway + quinoa bar + grilled chicken salad for supper. yum.
SUNDAY: green monster + apple and pb + subway + quinoa bar + naked drink + granola bar for supper. not very filling, so an apple and pb later.
MONDAY: half a naked drink mixed with almond milk for breakfast. my last quinoa bar was my a.m. snack on the plane. i was starving. and then urban taco + orange in the airport for lunch *so good * and then...i was done! i had a trader joe's granola bar for my p.m. snack and jetted the heck home.
and i'm writing this thinking - who cares what i'm eating? but i care and it's my blog.
also, here's hallie. yesterday was observation day at dance. i didn't make it in time for the hiphop, but i got to see her do some gym work before i had to jet to class in the ugliest building in the world.


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