Monday, February 24, 2014


oh what a wonderful weekend. what a quick, quick, wonderful weekend.
watching sarah marry jared was amazing. the wedding was intimate, beautiful and fun, fun, fun. we dance for hours. and hours. and ate so much pie.
i have lots of pictures, but they are all blurry iphone pictures, so sorry about it.
also, there aren't many good ones of me and sarah because apparently i am unable to NOT cry hysterically when i see her. period. i mean, i look at her and ugly cry. so i spent precious moments trying to gain composure when i should have been hugging on her. it's a problem.
i also loved traveling and partying with alison and erin. it was so much fun! we all let loose and enjoyed the celebration. with dancing. and pie. so much pie. and dancing.
i love this girl.

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