Thursday, February 20, 2014


dave using my resistance bands (incorrectly) and ends up snapping himself (HARD) on the butt. SO FUNNY, i could have cried. and he did it twice.
side note: watching dave exercise is possibly one of my favorite things in life. first, he's doing it with me, which is super fun. second, he is all limbs, which makes it hysterical to watch. third, he poops out early every, single time, and then i feel superior. so there's that.
last saturday, we took the four-wheeler and mule over to lucille's house for some FRIGID riding. hallie thought the mule was too slow, but loved being on the four-wheeler. my lips felt like leather for days.
my beautiful lunch:
my beautiful son:
and lastly, my class at supper tuesday n ight, pre-presentation, post-margarita.
the end.

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