Tuesday, February 11, 2014


i'm back!
it was fabulous. i mean, i left this:
which was so beautiful, but so, so cold.
and went to this:
and i had such a fantastic time. the people at this event are young and fun and so welcoming. it's like we've all been friends forever. it helps that there's next to NOTHING to do in this town but hang out together.
i flew in thursday night. dave picked me up in west palm beach and we met up with everyone at the tiki bar for some drinks.
friday i took a five-mile walk around lake okechobee (spelling = wrong) in the morning with allie and we took a terrible picture. but the scenery was beautiful and we chatted the entire time. i just love that girl!
i had an awesome day just being outside, wearing shorts (!) and hanging out with my husband. it is so nice to have that one-one-one time without the kiddos. i think that spending that time together, just the two of us, is so important!
 (looking for gators!)
(dave working hard in the sun)
friday night we ordered in pizza, watched the opening ceremony and played mad gab and head's up for hours. we were all literally screaming with laughter. my abs were SORE the next morning from laughing so hard. seriously, this was my favorite night.
i love a good game night. 
saturday was more of the same - i worked out in my hotel room to TurboFire DVDs and then met up with dave. i got a ton of studying done and just enjoyed the weather! 80 degrees and sunny. sitting in the shade was a DREAM. a light breeze, sun when i want it, etc. just perfect. we met up at the tiki bar for our last "fun" night. drinks and a few (awesome bands) and some pullups. i rocked the pullups thankyouverymuch. so fun.
(scott, scott, allie, daniel) 
(dave and his boyfriend/bff, josh peck)
sunday was...more of the same! worked out in the room and hung out with dave! joshn thompson performed at the event, so that was fun. we tore everything down sunday night and got everything packed up for an early morning.
i flew back to the ice and snow monday, and it was negative ten degrees when i woke up this morning.
take me back to florida!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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