Thursday, January 30, 2014


i'm just not so sure about the ole blog anymore. i have lost my blogging voice.
i wanna get it back, because i think of how fun it will be to look back and read this sometime. laugh at myself, my family, etc. i don't want it to die.
but i have lost some serious interest. try to get myself back on blogging track, i'm going to shift directions a bit. after the gluttony of thanksgiving and christmas, i am back on track with my health and fitness. it's a fun time of my life where i am in good shape, eating healthy food and feeling really good. (except today, where i am bummed out about this stupid weather).
so, while i figure out what i want this blog to be, i'm going to be posting my healthy recipes, fitness goals and daily activity.
i will still include pictures of my crazy family, but i'm going to see if changing things up will get me back on track. sorry to my mom/dad/barb who really just want to see my family :)
get excited!

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