Monday, May 6, 2013


i peeled carrots this weekend. and took a sunday nap and watched my mom do my laundry (thanks, mom!) and went on a date with my husband.

it was much needed and i am so grateful for that we had this weekend of nothing. we were supposed to go to six flags with the youth group, but cancelled because rainy and 50 degrees does not equal a successful six flags trip. it's supposed to be 100 degrees and sunny, so that your face can melt off.

anway. my mom still came up as originally planned, so we got a few small projects done around the house and then sat around watching tv and doing nothing. it was glorious.

i finished my paper in the 11th hour before it was due, but the sense of relief i felt when i pushed SEND to email to my instructor was immense. i'm so glad that is off of my to-do list. i have a final this wednesday and then the course is finished. yippee! i actually love the class and my teacher, but i will be glad for a small break.

i felt normal yesterday for the first time in weeks. feels so good.

here are the few pictures i took. dave and henry on the bed. henry cracks me up with his facial expressions.

and a video:

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