Tuesday, April 30, 2013


long time, no see.
how's it going?
well, me too!
finally. it was pretty rough last week. really, really, really rough.
but it's done now, so yay!
yesterday i felt like i could breathe again at work. whoooooosh. i feel so much better. i actually kept looking around thinking i should be running around doing 18 million things.
but nope - just the normal busy. normal busy is manageable. i can do normal busy. last week, i don't want to do again.
saturday was the craziest day. the entire week had built up to a community event that i help run here at work. i was at work at 7am and left at 2:00pm...and then drove four hours to see my bff patty.
she lives in virginia and is finally graduating from college this may! yay! WITH HER PhD! YAY PATTY! she is such a rockstar and is so SUPER smart. it was so nice to catch up.
oh, and she is pregnant - WOO-HOO! a baby yoda! i can't wait to meet baby bobby, whose real name is: haralabos. they are greek. thank goodness for nicknames. i would never pronounce the kid's name properly. i can barely spell patty's last name: ferssizidis. also - i got it right the first time! go me.

after the run, after the wake-up, no make up = YIKES.

anyway, i missed the shower because of the event at work, but i still had some good times catching up with patty before we both went to sleep at 10pm. we are grandmas.
my plan was to sleeeeep in the next morning. maybe until 7:30! i was so excited, until my stupid body woke me up at 6:30. blah. no fair. i ended up going on a run, since everyone else was snoozing and was really grateful for that time.
pics from the run:
i left the next morning. it was a quick trip, but good to get back to these joksters.
this morning i dropped hallie off from school and she wanted me to take her picture. she is really growing up. she used to want me to walk her in every. single. day to school. then a few weeks ago i told her it was time for her to walk in herself. the first time was rough, but i persisted and now she is a champ at walking herself in.
here she is with her little buddy, tessa, do you see how teeny hallie is? she is a little petite thing!
the end.

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  1. super presh. thanks for this post. so disappointed i missed the trip to sikeston. glad your super busy week is behind you now.