Tuesday, April 23, 2013


it started by getting cat pee on my feet and shoes first thing in the morning. yeah. no good.
and then work got stressful and yucky and so, so bad. i was feeling overwhelmed and bummed out and stressed to the max. i tried praying and just couldn't seem to get anything under control.
i hit my limit when i was driving in springfield and my check engine light came on my dashboard lights started flashing at me.
i pulled off to the dealership and immediately texted a friend for some prayer. it took about five minutes and then:
1. i realized how blessed i was that i was RIGHT by my car dealership; and
2. they got me right in, there was ZERO wait time; and
3. it ended up being something minor that could have been serious; and
4. it confirmed my decision to not drive four extra hours in the car the day before for the tumbling meet (my engine probably would have burned up; and
5. the mechanic gave me a big discount; and
6. i found some very important papers that i had lost; and
7. dave got home in time to see the kids before bed...and henry's face when he walked in...oh, i never want to forget that look. it was so precious; and
8. i am so grateful for praying friends.
it is so amazing how quickly the prayers worked. sometimes it takes awhile to see results from prayers, but not yesterday. it was fast, it was SO fast and it was so needed. i was so GRATEFUL.
today is another crazy day, but i'm going to try so hard to not get stressed out. this week is one of the busiest i've ever had at work. but i can do it.

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  1. you can do it! and you can call me any time if you need prayers. you got this.