Monday, April 1, 2013


easter is one of my very favorite holidays - and yet, sometimes i feel like i am not grasping the ENORMITY of the holiday. i worked good friday and then we had plans that evening. i never took the time to reflect really, or think much about the huge significance of that day.
and then easter sunday itself was such a whirlwind of sunrise service, naps, lunch, naps, etc. but, it did hit me on easter sunday. that it wasn't about the food or the clothes or the easter baskets. all of those things can go away, because the ONLY important thing was that on that day, the tomb was empty and we were filled with living hope. jesus gave up his spirit, died for our sins and now sits up in heaven with god the father.
so while my kids looked adorable at church and man, those naps sure felt good...that's NOT what easter is all about. it's about jesus and let's not forget it.

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