Thursday, March 28, 2013


i had a dream last night and woke up with a hymn in my head. oh great, now i can't remember. dangit. it was an older hymn. shoooooot. i lost it.
that soon gave way to this song: bless the lord, oh my soul, o-o-oh my soul, worship His holy name. seems like never before, oh my soul, worship His holy name.
and now i have THIS song in my head: like sunlight burning at midnight, making my life something so beautiful, beautiful.
apparently it's a jesus sort of a day, as it should be. which is nice, because i could use some fortification at work today. i have a co-worker that i've always been close with, but lately it seems like i'm walking on eggshells around her.
so now i can fortify myself with a good, strong message - i can boss my soul around - bless the lord, oh my soul! knock off the negative speak and focus!
in other words, hallie continues to be the cutest little tumbler i ever did see!

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