Tuesday, March 19, 2013


hallie made a big decision. no more dance or tumble team next year. although she is sort of wishy-washy about dance. she wants to do just tap. but she doesn't realize that because of the scheduling, she has to do both...or neither.
anyway. she wants to up her horseback riding. and add swimming. two things that she loves and is great at. hallie is unique she doesn't want to do what everyone else is doing.
i think that's a hard lesson for me. i want to make sure she is in the activities that will benefit her and help her grow. i see other little girls and what they love, and i feel like she should love those same things. but nope. and that's fine.
i definitely want to have her try new things, and she has. she did tumble team and decided it's not for her. she's done dance for three/four (!) years now and is pretty sure it's not for her. swimming, yes. horses, yes.
we will do some piano lessons (non-negotiable) and band when the time comes. i don't think that will be a hard sell for her.
but now that she's tried quite a few things, it's time to let her pick what she really loves and go with it.
she chooses this:

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