Thursday, March 7, 2013


what a weird thursday. the babysitter sent me a text last night, "i am throwing up." well, that's not good. i tried the "let's wait and see how you feel in the morning." HAHAHA. poor thing. when irma's sick, you know she's really SICK. and the few messages we've exchanged today have me thinking that tomorrow will be a sick day too.
so i'm here with henry. just the two of us. we've had a busy morning of playing on-on, laundry, toys, laundry, dishes, downstairs toys, bedroom toys, lunch (he ate a million strawberries!) and then he took a nap.
i made muffins (skinny taste oatmeal blueberry! except with chocolate chips because i have no blueberries!), wrapped up in a blanket and sunned myself on the front porch (sun! yes!) and worked out (booty and abs, if you care).
it's been a productive day, but it feels so lazy. i feel so guilty on sick days, especially when NEITHER OF US ARE SICK! but it's fine. it's okay!
i get to look back at pictures like this one and remember how much fun i had on maternity leave. it was the best summer of my life. henry and i spent hours on the front porch swing chatting.
it also confirms that we are done having kiddos. i love being pregnant and having babies and loving on my babies...but i don't anymore are in the cards for us. we've got a pretty good thing going right now!
awww! look how little! and henry looks like that austin powers bald guy. and look at hallie's hair - geesh, this was almost two years ago, but she looks so much older now. sniff.
the end.

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  1. oh i love these pictures so much! i hope you enjoy these healthy sick days together!