Friday, March 1, 2013


i am so grateful that february is o.v.e.r and now we can focus on more important my BIRTHDAY.
but seriously, i am so, so, so glad that this silly month is over and done. it wasn't the worst month of my life (by far), but it just seems so annoying to me. both january and february, actually.
nothing really went right this month. it just seemed like one thing after another, just a general feeling of blah. i think we know it's approaching the end of winter (19 more days 'til spring!) and february is our last major hurdle. i mean, march may have snow (like this morning) but we know it will be gorgeous by the end of the month (hopefully).
(am i overusing parentheses?)
anyway. i'm ready for some garden planning! our pond is finally back to normal and our bathwater is running clear! i am going to look into a rain barrel perhaps, just in case it happens again. but i really, really, really hope it doesn't.
also, henry is such a goober.

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