Wednesday, February 27, 2013


  • misses horses so much. it's just too cold to ride, so we are putting it off week by week until it warms up.
  • is really into temple run (?), a silly ipod touch game.
  • really into her ipod touch. which is very annoying.
  • becoming really helpful. she will put her plate in the sink, clean off countertops and whatever chores i ask her to do.
  • has a best friend - annabelle. so precious.
  • wants to take karate...because annabelle is.
  • is possibly lactose intolerant? random, but don't give that girl ice cream anymore!
  • is really, REALLY into uno. luckily, dave and i are too.
  • oh, henry.
  • hustles everywhere.
  • jabbers...loudly. i think he wants to contribute to the conversation.
  • is talking more, but still not a whole bunch. but ask him to say "strawberry," please. so cute.
  • still an amazing sleeper. goes down around 7:45pm and has a brief party in his crib before drifting off.
  • torments dogs. poor zoey. he might be getting a little better?
  • love, love, loves when we play uno. so weird. he just wants to sit on my lap and watch. that's all!
  • loves baby einstein - baby noah, specifically.
as for dave and i, it's just more of the same. dave has been home more, which is soooo nice. we get those normal family experiences - we just have to bottle them up and then remember them on the months he's gone. i'm still taking my grad class and am not really feeling it. i don't know if i'm going to keep going or not. sigh.

i need a bff that lives close by. please and thank you. all my girlz are a long carride or plane ride away. i neeeeeeeeeed my bffs, please. and thank you again.

the end. oh wait!


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