Wednesday, February 13, 2013


i feel like this today:

  (this guy sacked out next to me on my first flight - sorry mister!)
but it's time to regroup and get back into a good routine. i got back monday and dave returned home yesterday. tonight we will have a normal family night and celebrate valentine's day a day early! we are going out to dinner as a family tonight since dave has a job tomorrow night.
i think the last time we took henry out to a restaurant was in early december. and he threw his food on the floor, so that's awesome. something to look forward to, i guess!
anyway, florida was fantastic. it was warm, breezy and sunny - everything that florida should be. i was smokin' hot and ended up buying some shorts at the walm-martz to get me through. there is absolutely, 100%, NOTHING to do in the town of clewiston, florida. which was good, because it meant we spent 100% of our time together :) except when they were tearing down for 8 years, which was really boring. but i watched some good trash tv, so it was all good. and now i'm rambling.
i flew in to west palm beach on friday evening and a group of flw-ers came and picked me up with dave. we went to the beach and collected a few seashells, tried to catch a jelly fish (MEN!) and got nice and sandy. it was beautiful and would have been romantic except for the jellyfish thing. which was a...shingle? anyway.
saturday was so nice. i had down time to workout (?!), lay poolside and hang with dave. saturday night we spent at the tiki hut, which is the restaurant/bar that is part of the marina resort place we stayed.
and they had a band.
and i danced (?!).
and it was soooooo much fun. i love these flw people so much. i am seriously so grateful that mason sound connected with them and now dave has made some lifelong friends (and me too!). it does such that he travels long and far with them, but hopefully we can meet up like this on some of the trips.
so, here are some pictures. not very good ones, and NONE OF ALLIGATORS - HUUUUUGE disappointment and not for lack of trying.
and then i was reunited with these jokers and all was right in the world again. the end.

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