Friday, February 1, 2013


so, january.
my least favorite month, easily. august sorta sucks too, but at least we have the state fair.
this particular january was rough. it found me caring for constantly sick kiddos, booking plane tickets to and from the border of canada (long story), hurting my stupid neck, accidentally signing up for a grad class, crazy family stuff and having my bff get her heart broken.
on the other hand, dave was home for most of it, so yay!
so let's look forward to february! woo-hoo, lover's month! lots to look foward to this month, i can't wait.
in other news, i'm trying to reduce my grocery budget. it's ridiculous! i can't get out of wal-mart anymore without spending well over $100. not cool. i started getting my produce at aldi's - so much cheaper and more fresh! and then looking around i started to see the regular products i usually purchase at wal-mart. they had bags of spinach for $0.69! wtheck?! i spend $4.99 for a box of spinach at wal-mart, well no more!
they have greek yogurt, ground turkey, all-natural, sugar-free peanut butter (!), almond milk (!), etc.
of course they don't have my non-food items. plus i love my keurig k-cups, their bread is gross and they don't have asian chili sauce which is super uncool.
i'm working on a spreadsheet for a cost comparison to see just how much i am saving. i don't like having to go two different places, but so be it. we will do aldis monthly and try to do wal-mart every two weeks or monthly. hopefully monthly.
yeah, that's it. i know.

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  1. I do not like grocery shopping at walmart, but I further dislike shopping at more than one store. So, I ad match. It's a bit time consuming but I literally cut my budget in half when I started. I get all the ads from the houston area and then plan my meals around whatever is on sale. Walmart will take other store brand prices for the great value products, too. And they take those Kroger deals where you have to buy 10 items to save $5 or whatever... and you don't have to buy 10 of those items. They'll just give you the discounted price. At least, our walmart does. I usually end up using 2-3 ads per visit, which is annoying, but my bank account loves me for it.

    Inflation sucks.