Friday, February 15, 2013


we had hallie's parent-teacher conference yesterday. it was quick, easy and that's how i like it. hallie is doing fabulous in school, particularily in math and reading. what else is there? recess? she can rock recess too.
anyway. her teacher says that she will be reading at the third-grade level by the end of this quarter. a brag? yes. but i come from a long-line of readers, so i am pleased as punch.
i hope that she LOVES to read as much as she is good at it. i mean, you can read, sure. but if you LOVE to read then that is another thing. i can't wait until she starts getting into books like "the baby sitters club" or "the saddle club" or "the boxcar children." she will love them!
remember that book where the boy is in the airplane and his pilot crashes and he has to survive with nothing but his hatchet? it's call "hatchet" now that i think about it. she will love that book too.
but for now, she's in first grade and loving it. and her locker is 100% a disaster zone filled with crap..including the case for my glasses, my snow cap, nail clippers and a wide variety of other stuff that she shouldn't have at school.


 oh this girl. look how dirty that shirt is!


  1. The Hatchet!! I so love that one. And the Boxcar Children. And Babysitter Club. And Nancy Drew. And, and, and...

  2. oh nancy drew! i forgot about that one! there are so many that I was totally addicted to!