Tuesday, February 5, 2013


that's me, not really feeling like blogging. I feel like i lost my blogging voice with the new name. i just...don't feel like blogging anymore? or maybe i do and i'm just going through a phase.

dave left for florida for a job yesterday. i fly out to meet him on friday - hooray! except - no kiddos, so - boo. these sort of plans always sound great in the beginning, terrible right before and then awesome once you are there and then home again.

i know it's such an awesome thing...nay, an IMPORTANT thing to spend time with just my hubby. every time we have a date night or a mini-vaca just the two of us, it's awesome. he's actually a funny guy, in case you didn't know, haha.

but last night i went to check on the kiddos and got all sentimental about leaving them for three nights (sob). i know they will be in good hands, but they aren't MY hands and that always makes me nervous. i want to be the ones messing up my kids ;)

look how precious they are.


in other news, i'm trying to update my house a little bit. on the cheap, because we all know who i married.

pictures coming soon!

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