Thursday, February 14, 2013


totally mellow today.
we aren't ones to get all worked up over valentine's day. dave isn't even home today. there were no heart-shaped pancakes or special lunches - the last one is actually because she left her lunchbox at school. so she is stuck with school luck...bbq ribs (BLECH).
we went to dinner last night. we never go out to eat all together, mostly because henry throws his food and also because we are cheap. but we went last night and it was great! minimal food throwing, no hollering, a nice, quiet, FUN meal.
(i promise it was more fun than it looks)
since it is the holiday for lovers, let me tell you about MY lover and five reasons why he is so perfectly suited for me :)
1. he is the best dad you will ever see. so incredibly hands on. even with a crazy schedule like he has from work, when he is home, he is HOME. he is present. and that is super important to me.
2. he is so super hot. shallow? yes. but true? you betcha. good grief, he just keeps getting better with age. he's like a fine wine :)
3. he puts up with a lot from me. i have mellowed (seriously), but he has put up with a lot of dramatics from me. i still struggle with general grumpiness, but it's hard because....
4. he makes me laugh. so, so much. the man is SO FUNNY. his jokes and stories may take 15 minutes to tell, but he usually delivers and makes me giggle.
5. he loves the lord. and has a relationship with jesus. and that is the corrnerstone of our relationship. it's the ONE thing that gives me confidence and TRUST in our marriage.
love you, dave!

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