Friday, April 19, 2013


i feel like this month is flying by. this week has been crazy. i got to play mom to two extra kiddos on monday and tuesday nights (which was so much fun, seriously), had class on wednesday night, a work function tonight, make-up horse lessons and tumble team practice tomorrow, plus a tumbling meeting on sunday.
keller, hallie and cameron, hanging out :)

it's been crazy and exhausting and oh yeah, i had a paper due somewhere during that week too. plus, it's registration period at work.
henry's new trick - each morning he has managed to stick one arm out of his jammies. such talent.
and dave is gone.

sometimes it feels like everything happens at once. and maybe it's better that way. because then i really appreciate the slower pace in between the craziness.
i don't want to wish my days away, so i'm going to try to enjoy the crazy.

oh, these two.
last night was my one "normal" night at home, so i lived it up. supper, lunches made, homework done, baths, stories, bed for the kiddos - and then my beloved cup of hot tea, my fuzzy blanket and two episodes of mad men on netflix. it was magical :)

trying to facetime with daddy!

the end.

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