Friday, May 17, 2013


we're pretty full around here. i've been saying, let's get through the end of april and things will slow down. hahahahahahaha. no. may is just as busy, if not busier.

now, i'm saying, let's get through the end of recitals (next weekend, woo-hoo!) and then we are good.

but i finally realized, there will always be something! so i'm doing my darnest to slow down and enjoy these last few weeks before the recital. we are counting down school days, practice days and this is my last friday before we get them off for the summer! yippee!

hallie is in a parade tomorrow for her tumble team, and i'm volunteering at the same community event. my dad will watch henry and then we have saturday evening to do whatever we want.

sunday we can be back to church and laze around in the afternoon. i am really looking forward to this weekend.

***side note*** i just got back from the dentist and have to wear a mouth guard at night. super sexy, i know. apparently i'm grinding my teeth something awful and my gums are starting to show it. and i have to floss better. and they tried to get me to buy a sonic care toothbrust for a million dollars.


anyway, there's that.

i...forgot what i was going to say.

today is such a beautiful day. tonight = big plans. a haircut for henry (fun!), a bath for zoey AND some toenail clippings. NOT FUN.

oh! my garden is in!!! i'm so happy. i probably won't have tomatoes until august, but still! it's in! now, grow baby, grow!!!

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