Monday, May 13, 2013


let's chat for a second about henry's birthday.

he will be two, which is fabulous. he's a pretty awesome kid, and i have no doubt that age two will be just as good as age one....hopefully with less food throwing and more food eating.

i'm thinking we aren't going to have a big party for mr. henry. it's not his style. it wasn't hallie's either, but it took me five parties to figure that out.

maybe a cookout? cookies, not cake, because we all know how much the boy loves cookies. and i want everyone to get him a book or a ball. or a tractor. his favorite things.



i mean, check him out. he's just enjoying the evening, checking out an airplace. rockin' back on his heels like, no big thang. this kid doesn't want a big, chaotic party. he wants grandma lucille, some wafer cookies and a ball. done.

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