Tuesday, January 29, 2013


what a tuesday.
it's so springy outside. i walked to the post office just now. without a coat. or even a jacket. it's breezy and humid and i just love it.
it's such a nice break from cold, dreary weather. puts some pep in your step.
i want to get some big art for my living room. we have a huge space above our tv, between two huge mirrors on a gigantic wall. i thought about doing something gallery-ish but saw this today and i really like it.
Pinned Image
you like? i could blow it up and i sure to love blue. and clouds.
i'm going to a visitation today for someone i barely knew, but am really sad that he has died. we went to church together and he's one of those people that you automatically like. a genuinely nice person with a great family.
so it's sad and unexpected which makes it more sad. it's comforting that he's up there with jesus now, so i'm just holding on to that.
that's all.

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