Tuesday, January 15, 2013


i was going to get all clever with the title of this post: american girl hell, my personal hell, crowds, crowds and more crowds, etc.

but they wouldn't be true (except the last one). the trip was awesome. for realz.

barb gave the girlies a trip to chicago (on the train!) to visit the american girl store. thank goodness santa got the memo and brought hallie one of her very own.
so off we went, north bound out of springfield. the girls were extra cute (until they just weren't anymore).

they loved the train and it really was nice to sit back and not have to worry about anything. except keeping them contained. which was sort of an issue. at least in carseats they are strapped in.
we got there, checked into the hotel, walked a few blocks and entered the ag store. holy crapola, people. this store is ridiculous. and was also ridiculously crowded.

luckily (?), hallie is not a shopper. so she picked out what she wanted to buy (her own money) and was over it. until she saw that they had a hair salon. so we had to get her doll's hair done - which ended up being the best decision EVER - the hair STILL looks good.
we also came back to the ag store to eat supper at the cafe - which was surprisingly good. and they pull out all the stops for the girls and their dolls. it was really cute. cute, cute, cute. everything was so...cute. and very, very pink. shockingly pink, actually. and shockingly expensive. but worth it (right?!).

back at the hotel was a freezing cold pool that barb took them to (score) and lots of threats to get them to sleep. the next day was shopping and killing time until our train.

which was delayed.

but it was fine. fine.

we made it home. and the girls loved it, and i secretly wanted to buy kit.

the end.

and now christmas and all of 2012 is finished.

the end.

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