Thursday, January 3, 2013


i said it a million times, but i mean it.

this was my favorite christmas ever.

the grandparents didn't go nuts on the presents and i swear that is what made it so much better.

less stuff/junk + more meaningful gifts = happy kids = happy parents

our first christmas celebration is on christmas eve.

we also do our traditional dollar tree shopping for barb, lunch, church, supper/presents at lucille's and presents/games/food/drinking at mike and barb's.

this year we did the dollar store shopping a little differently. each grandkid was give five dollars to choose five things for grandma barb. it was so fun because we got to see how each of their little minds worked. they loved picking out their own gifts and it was just SO MUCH EASIER this way.

here's an example of the crap stuff they picked out:



we had a lovely time at lucille's. we always try to get a picture of her with the grandkids. here's this year's attempts:

we'll try again next year.

after lucille's we load up our toilet paper and papertowels and head over to mike and barb's.

then we loaded up and went home to get ready for santa.
to be continued...

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