Friday, January 4, 2013



after we arrived home from barb's hallie wrote the traditional notes, left out food for santa (and the reindeer) and we whisked her off to bed.  
christmas morning we waited...and waited...and waited. i had gotten up around 6am to put the cinnamon rolls out to rise; i was so excited i couldn't go back to sleep. our stinkin' kids slept in until almost nine! or was it eight? it doesn't matter! they never do that!

i love watching them see the santa presents and stockings. it's such a precious moment.

and such precious bedhead.


santa brought hallie an american girl doll, caroline.
he brought henry a huge wood cube thingie.

it was awesome. henry looks thrilled, right?

 it was a fabulous day. six is the best age for christmas. ever.

to be continued...

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