Friday, January 18, 2013


apparently rolling forward is much easier than backwards. duh.
so here is her front pass. they do the back pass first and then start over and do the front pass. thank goodness she had a good front pass.
i love this girl so much. she kept saluting the wrong way. i told it was okay, that she was just saluting her mommy ;)
i am so grateful for the weekend. we have plans with a long-lost friend and her kiddos tonight. just a play date and visiting and i can't wait. it's funny how it's so easy to lose touch with friends as we get older.
i have my favorites (i'm looking at you, sarah) that i will never lose touch with, never ever. it just gets harder as life gets in the way. the best ones are those that we can pick up again, even if we've gone months with no calls or emails.
plus, who else will send me emails like this:
"It's Thursday. I have 1.2 million things to do at work. And a haircut appointment. And it's spin class night. And trivia. #whitegirlproblems."
she slays me. (i've never actually said "slays" in real life, but it seems acceptable in writing. yes?) 
that's it. have a wonderful weekend!

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