Wednesday, January 16, 2013


and then there was that time i accidentally registered myself for a graduate class for my masters.

i know.

who is so stupid? me.

i blame working where i work, at a college. we have web registration where you pull up the classes you are interested in, check the checkbox and then hit submit. once you hit submit, it adds your class to your "shopping cart" and then you have to click submit again to do a final registration.

um, apparently it doesn't work this was at the university of illinois. you just check the box, submit and wham bam, thank you ma'am, you're now two thousand dollars poorer, but four graduate credits smarter!

i called immediately and was told by two different people that i was out of luck. i could get back 90% of the tuition and then could appeal for the remaining 10%.

or just take the class, which is obviously what i decided to do.

i was considering it anyway. i have taken just three courses and have eight remaining. now, i will have seven.

i am excited/nervous/pukey-about-the-money.

oh, and it starts TONIGHT. in springfield. no time like the present!


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  1. Oh Keri! You crack me up. Shizzzzz you accidentally enrolled yourself. i'm excited for you. and you might inspire me to accidentally enroll someday too. i've been thinking about it... but have too much going on now. what is the program?