Tuesday, January 8, 2013


henry is a sick little boy. so this will be quick.

i also don't have pictures of this christmas (HOW DID THAT HAPPEN?) so it will be mostly words :)

thursday and friday barb, melissa and i packed up the little girls and headed on a train to chicago for an hotel overnight and a trip to the american girl store. doesn't that sound magical? it was and it wasn't - more on that another day.

we arrived home on friday and then we packed up and went to missouri for our third and fourth christmases with my family.

kurt and his familia came in from colorado - yippee! - so we let the cousins play while the adults visits/played games/watched tv/ate too much. it was glorious. loud, so loud, but so nice to have that time to visit with my bro. and we shot guns too, which was awesome. ask dave to tell you about that sometime.
i love my chronister family so much. i love all of my family so much, but when i am reunited with the cgc (chronister girls' club - me, megan, lauren, nell), i am complete :)

the above are literally the only pictures i have of the christmas at my dad's house with my chronister family. major fail.

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