Friday, January 11, 2013

influenza. type b.

henry has been very, very sick.

hallie started it when we were in missouri. fever, cough, general meanness.

we took her in and she was diagnosed with strep and prescribed amox. okay, big deal.

then henry gets a high fever that sunday, so the doctor graciously called in a prescription for amox without us needing to go in and be seen. assuming it was strep.

it was and it wasn't.

because tuesday he was worse. coughing, fevers still,  and grouchy, grouchy, grouchy. so we took him in on tuesday and he was diagnosed with croup. put on a steroid. still on the amox.

our poor buddy.

he coughed so much tuesday night he threw up and up and up. on me. we ended up calling the night nurse and were told to put him in a steam bathroom for fifteen minutes, which helped.

wednesday he wasn't any better. still coughing so much. so grouchy. i knew the steroid was making him shaky and grouchy and restless. and it was heartbreaking. and we were still giving him the amox, so that was five doses of medicine in a single day. that's so hard on a little body.

he coughed all night wednesday night. poor buddy. i just knew something wasn't right with him. he was lethargic. wanted to be held non-stop. he would eat lunch and then refuse dinner. he cried and cried. it was seriously so frustrating and heartbreaking.

so thursday we took him back to the doctor. he just laid on me the whole time. soooo lethargic, but restless like he couldn't get comfortable.

they ended up sending us over to the hospital for some blood work, a chest x-ray, a flu test and a RSV test. so that was fun, but he was a champ.

turns out he has the flu, type b. which basically means we just have to wait it out. they prescribed tamiflu to help decrease the symptoms, and took him off of the steroid. kept him on the amox. (got that?)

they also prescribed it for hallie, because apparently it is super contagious. did i mention that this tamiflu is crazy expensive? like, $250. good times. love my babies.

so ANYWAY. it's been a really long, trying week. dave and i have been switching on and off watching hen at home so we can both work. we had no food in the house, so i finally had to run to wal-mart after work yesterday. i got a text from dave "hurry." hen was not having a good night.

so yeah. i'm tired. but both kids slept all night long last night, so surely that means we're on the mend. i hate it when my kids are sick. there is truly nothing more helpless than not being able to help your child feel better.

i am grateful that today is FRIDAY and that tomorrow is SATURDAY.

the end.

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  1. ughhh...i am so sorry to hear this. i hope henry is on the mend and no one else gets this nasty bug. i hope you have a restful/sick-free weekend.