Wednesday, January 9, 2013


mom's house.

so many presents.

over-stimulated kiddos.

sick hallie.

lamest new year's eve ever.

love my family so much.

another awesome christmas. i can't say enough- this has seriously been my favorite christmas season ever. everything just came together so easily - no fights (except hallie and max) and overall stress free.

hallie ended up getting really sick on sunday while we were still at my dad's. super high fevers - she was finally diagnosed with strep on friday, which is a really long time to be sick.

and then henry got it, so yay.

but we had such a good time anyway. the kids played and played and got a million presents. the adults talked and hung out and stayed up to watch the ball drop in ny and then off to bed! didn't even make it to midnight - good times.

it was a great christmas to end on and i am so thankful that i have such a wonderful, large, extended family to spend time with. it can get crazy, but i wouldn't change (almost) anything.

love to you all!

the end. of

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