Thursday, January 17, 2013


my class last night went just fine, thank you very much. it is a blended class, so there are seven times we meet (only six now - yippee!) and the rest is online.
my course is gender communication which i think will be facinating. i'm actually really excited about it. my masters will be in communication, btw. i am only four classes in, so 7 more to go.
i just keep thinking that this is a good thing. it's stretching me and will give me opportunities later on. it's also stretching my wallet though and that stresses me out.
but that's okay.
also, here is a video of miss hallie mason doing her back pass at the tumbling meet last week. you will see why we held our breath the whole time. and if you're like me, you're silently puuuuushing her over in your head. she likes to keep us on the edge of her seat, that girl.

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