Thursday, September 18, 2014


i don't have any normal pictures of the burgoo. i stole these from Melissa.
i was the one taking the pictures, hence, i didn't make it into any pictures of the grand marshalling. but i was there. promise.

so yes, we were grand marshalls of the arenzville burgoo 175th anniversary parade. in honor of mike. it was pretty amazing.
and that night john michael montgomery played and we got to have a little private meet and greet which was fun and then watched the show. they dedicated a song to mike and i may or may not have sobbed.
there was one part in the song where he is talking about getting a letter from his dad (the son is in the army), and how his dad writes about being so proud of his son and how he never said that before and i just...lost it. many tears. and kirk, their front of house guy, turned around and gave dave a very meaningful fist pump.
it was emotional.
and then i took hallie home and went back to ajs where dave got to play some drums with the band. which is always fun to watch. he's so good :)

the end.

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