Friday, September 26, 2014


i am so happy it's the weekend. we have nothing tonight (!) and plans for a fun saturday at the steamshow, every little boy's delight. and then hallie and dave have a father/daughter sleepover with some of our favorites, which should be hilariously interesting.

a note about hallie's finger: it's healing nicely. i would categorize it as a really yucky nail now. the bone will heal on its own and the stiches will dissolve. she has the "cage" around her finger for another two weeks and then she can take it off as long as it's not too sensitive.

a note about henry's potty training: the boy is rocking it. no poops yet, but i'm confident we will be in full-on underwears in a month. A MONTH?! yikes, but yes. he was dry all day yesterday and even told Irma three times that he needed to potty. he figured out how fun it is to pee on tires, grass and gravel, so he doesn't completely have to interrupt his play to take a whiz. he sure does love to play with that thing though, so it's in a constant state of erection. hilariously uncomfortable.
a request: books! i need book recommendations, please! I've figured out how to use our nanny's library card to borrow ebooks from the library. i'm so happy. i'm back into my full-fledged bookworm status, much to dave's dismay :)
happy weekending!

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  1. Hahaha...Keri. Boys!!! Book recommendation if you haven't read it yet: 'Where'd you go, Bernadette?' It is really funny. Just finished it for book club and gave it two thumbs up. :)