Monday, September 15, 2014


i think we're just about there. pooping on the potty, no. but we're consistently going pee-pee on the potty :)
this is our second real attempt. the first time was a huge failure and i just convinced myself that he wasn't ready. the second time, i knew he was ready and that he was just being a stubborn little...guy.
we made the decision, talked to irma, and got started. started on a saturday. and he didn't pee in the potty until sunday night. sigh.
we had a slow start to the week*, but this weekend just clicked for us. we took his potty ring (for a big potty) to church and he successfully did it...four times (!!!). we took it over to lucille's and he did it again (!!!!). we're very optimistic that someday our life will no longer revolve around his bathroom habits.
hallie especially is getting sick of all of the time we are spending in the bathroom.
she told me she wanted to stop with the potty training and then turned to henry and said, "i have lost my confidence in you." it was pretty hilarious.
we're still in pullups, but maybe after this weekend (six flags!) we'll make the transition to underwear. EEK.
*we had one major poop incident involving hallie sitting in poop and then finding large turds in the living room. it was so disgusting, i shouldn't have even put it on the blog, but i did.

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